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Hey, Spanish I people!

Anyone who is taking Spanish I (or II or III, I believe), will need the Vista Complete Student Package by Blanco. The bookstore is selling it new for $170.70 and used for $128.

I was planning on minoring in Spanish, but due to time constraints, this cannot happen, so after taking Spanish I last fall, I now plan to unload my (second edition) copy. I still have everything included in the package (textbook, workbook, lab manual, workbook answer key, vocabulary CDs, textbook activities CDs, fotonovela CD-ROM, interactive CD-ROM, and pocket dictionary). All are in pristine condition. I never have written anything in the books, and when handing in lab manual homework, I would always photocopy the pages first.

I'm looking for maybe $100 for the whole thing, but we can talk it over.

At book buyback, I could have gotten $80-something for it, but I thought I'd do the better thing and sell it direcly to someone, rather than getting $80-odd from the school, and then having them sell it to a student for $128.

So how 'bout it? Enh? Enh?
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