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everybody loves textbooks!

hey everybody, i'm selling a few books

first is Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in American History, Volume 1: The Colonial Period to Reconstruction (10th edition). I originally paid $60.80 for this and another book, so I will sell it for $15. I had Professor Stokes for U.S. History to 1865, and we used this book a few times. It's in perfect condition.

the next is a bundle of books I used for Dr. Clarke's Teaching: An Intro to the Profession class. we used one of the books extensively, so it has some highlighting in it, but otherwise perfect condition. The other books I never even opened, so they are perfect.  The bundle includes Teaching: An Introduction to the Profession, Developing a Teaching Portfolio, Pass the Praxis: The Principles of Learning and Teaching, Explanations and Implications of the 1997 Amendments to IDEA, and CourseCompass Student Access Kit, which is just an unopened CD. I originally paid $53.35 for this bundle, so I'm selling it for $25.

Also, is anybody interested in buying the CC1/iCC1 Student Portfolio Guide and Student Guide to the First-Year Writing Program?  These are used for the College Comp 1 classes.

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