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Books for Sale

Hey all,

I'm going to post the teachers along with the books, so if you buy, please make sure the teacher is still using the book.

Viator - Brit Lit to Romanticism
The Norton Anthology of English Lit
Restoration and 18th Century Comedy
Canterbury Tales
Bookstore wants $60 all together. I'll sell it for $30.

Grace - Intro to Bible
Oxford Study Bible
Understanding the Bible
Bookstore wants about $65. I'll sell for $40.

Lee-Jones - Intro to African American Lit (African American studies)
Norton Anthology of African American Lit
Bookstore wants $50. I'll sell for $30.

Compagnucci - Contemporary (or Modern, I forget) Short Stories
Short Fiction - Classic and Contemporary
Bookstore says $45. I say $25.

Coloumbe - U.S. Lit till Realism
Norton Anthology of American Lit (Volume A & B)
Bookstore says about $50. I'll go for $30.

I'm going to set the deadline as being Monday the 20th. If there is anything left unsold, I'll sell them back to the bookstore and allow my financial dignity to be raped. Prices are probably negotiable, as I've never really done this before.

Payment should take the form of cash or sexual favors.

Just kidding!

Only cash.
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