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Im trying to get a little money, so Im selling some of my less watched dvds and VHS Tapes.

The following dvds are $5.00 each
1. Casualties of War (Sean Penn)
2. Liberty Heights (Ben Foster)
3. Diner (Kevin Bacon, Daniel Stern)
4. Sprited Away
5. Friday the 13th
6. Friday the 13th part II
7. Friday the 13th part III
8. The Toy (Richard Pryor)
9. Tapeheads (John Cusack, Tim Robbins)
10.High Fidelity claimed by stargazercrys
11.Fear No Evil (Horror movie featuring music by Patti Smith , The Sex Pistols and The Talking Heads)
12.A Nightmare on Elm Street (Johnny Depp, RObert Eungland
13.Swing Kids (Christian Bale)
14.Deranged/Motel Hell horror double feature.

VHS ($3 or 2for$5)This is the same cost as if you were renting the movie, only you would get to keep it!)
1. Airheads
2. Forrest Gump
3. George of the Jungle
4. Twister
5. Detroit Rock City
6. The Thing (Kurt Russell)
7. Cliffhanger
8. Point Break
9. There’s Something About Mary
10. Election
11. Reservoir Dogs claimed by stargazercrys
12. Lost In Space
13. Independence Day
14. Dazed and Confused
15. The Breakfast Club claimed by stargazercrys
16. Bordello of Blood (Dennis Miller, Corey Feldmen)
17. Better than Chocolate
18. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (tape no slip cover)
19. Who is Cletus Tout (Christian Slater, tim Allen)
20. Red Heat (Women in prison , Linda Blair)
21. Free Willy
22. I Spit on Your Grave

$1.00 (OBO)VHS (hell, Ill give you all of these for 5 bucks)
Nowhere to Run
Cosmic Slop
Hand Gun
Bad Dreams
Runaway Train
My Science Project
Snake Eater 1 and 2
Cosmic slop
Laughing Out Loud: America’s funniest comedians

Feel free to IM me at xxIPutXsInMySNxx
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