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any art students interested in supplies? [03 May 2008|09:43pm]
i have jumbo willow charcoal, and regular charcoal, never opened.
conte crayon in black, white, and sanguine, never opened.
4 boxes of black drawing ink, never opened.
white charcoal, 4 sticks
and a bunch of large sheets of paper like watercolor paper

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[13 Apr 2007|07:47pm]


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COME AND SEEE. [25 Mar 2007|09:51pm]


Come And SEE
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[11 Feb 2007|06:41am]
Clearing clothes now!

Lots of brand names under cut:

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CDs For Sale! [06 Dec 2006|10:30pm]

Hey everyone

I'm pretty strapped for cash recently, and with the upcoming holidays, I have no money to buy gifts for friends/family. To remedy this, I'm selling some of my cd collection.

All cds are $5. If interested, leave a comment and we'll work something out. Thanks!

Acceptance - Black Lines To Battlefields (EP)
Against Me! - As The Eternal Cowboy
All Time Low - Put Up Or Shut Up (EP)
The Ataris - So Long, Astoria
Atreyu - Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses
Atreyu - The Curse
The Beautiful Mistake - This Is Who You Are
Blink 182 - Maximum Blink 182: the unauthorized biography
Boys Night Out - Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses
Count The Stars - Never Be Taken Alive
Emanuel - Soundtrack To A Headrush
Everclear - So Much For The Afterglow
Fall Out Boy - Fall Out Boy's Night Out With Your Girlfriend
Fell Far Behind - Chasing The Dream (EP)
Glasseater - Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down
Halfway Home - A Brand New Subdivision
Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black And White
I Am The Avalanche - I Am The Avalanche
Mae - Destination: Beautiful
The Matches - E.Von Dahl Killed The Locals
Mest - Wasting Time
Mest - Destination Unknown
Mest - Mest
MeWithoutYou - Catch For Us The Foxes
Moments In Grace - Moonlight Survived
MxPx - Move To Bremerton (EP)
No Hollywood Ending - It's All A Nightmare
NOFX - The War On Errorism
The Offspring - Americana
The Offspring - The Conspiracy Of One
Oleander - February Son
Over It - Silverstrand
Roses Are Red - Conversations
Senses Fail - From The Depths Of Dreams
Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Slick Shoes - Far From Nowhere
Slick Shoes - The Biggest And The Best
Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge
So They Say - So They Say
Story Of The Year - Page Avenue
Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts
Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler
Third Eye Blind - Blue
Underoath - The Changing Times
Various Artists - Another Year On The Streets Vol. 2
Various Artists - Atticus Clothing: Dragging The Lake
Various Artists - Atticus Clothing: Dragging The Lake II
Various Artists - Different Shade Of Green: A Green Day Tribute
Various Artists - Extreme Wresting Anthems
Various Artists - Warped Are They Now? Vol. 1 (Target Exclusive)
Various Artists - Wet Paint (Target Exclusive)
Various Artists - WWF: The Music Vol. 3
Various Artists - WWF: The Music Vol. 4
Various Artists - WWF: The Music Vol. 5
Various Artists - Vans Warped Tour 2006 2 CD Compilation
Various Artists - You'll Never Eat Fast Food Again
Waking Ashland - Composure
A Wilhelm Scream - Mute Print
Yellowcard - Where We Stand
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[22 Oct 2006|04:35pm]


55 items!! CHECK OUT THE SALE HERE!!!Collapse )
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Slim-fitting short-sleeved polo shirt in our breathable and durable cotton mesh.
Two-button applied placket, ribbed polo collar and armbands, uneven vented hem.
Our embroidered polo player or monogram accents the chest. Our embroidered vintage year accents the hem. Monogrammed polos are embroidered with our polo player at the hem.
100% cotton. Machine washable.
Given as a gift, worn 3 times tops each.

bought in 1 of the 9 stores that exist in the whole world at $78

Sells in stores for $69.00.
my friends got them for me from the store but they seem a little snug
15 inches across and 22.5 inches long from the collar

POLOS HERECollapse )


Please be reasonable! I desperately need the money which is why I'm selling these..
add around $3-4 shipping.
contact justmesmerized@NOSPAMgmail.com
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[23 Aug 2006|09:53am]


I am gonna add stuff all day!
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[28 Jul 2006|05:47pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting




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Trash for cash Yard Sale [09 Apr 2006|10:00am]

April 23rd from 12 pm to 4 pm on the SC Patio
Are you sick of that old CD? Tired of sleeping on the same old couch? Need a fan because your room is too hot? One person's trash is another person's treasure at Rowan's Cash for Trash Yard Sale. Tables are only $5.00 for students and $10.00 for non-students. You can register for a spot at the Student Center Information Desk starting on April 6th. For more information please contact Constantine at 856-256-4696 or Joe at 856-256-4187. Sponsored by the Office of Student Activities.

Help make this a sucess by either shopping or selling on April 23rd.
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buymystuff buymystuff buymystuff [01 Feb 2006|04:31pm]

Im trying to get a little money, so Im selling some of my less watched dvds and VHS Tapes.

Read more...Collapse )

Feel free to IM me at xxIPutXsInMySNxx
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Futurama DVDs [01 Feb 2006|02:52am]

I am selling a shrink-wrapped brand new copy of the Futurama series. It's season/volume one. Great condition, never opened, blah blah. I would like $20 for it.
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help me [25 Jan 2006|07:46pm]

I have two tickets to Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night that i am trying to sell.

I have put these tickets up on ebay three times and they still havent sold. The tickets are face value of $54 dollars and I would be willing to sell the pair for $100 At that price I still lose out on over $100 of what I paiud for them, but at this point i just want to get something back for them. Plus I would hate to see them just go to waste.

the tickets are section 412 section F seats 14 and 15

Please respond if you are interested, this is posted on multiple lj and myspace groups.
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[15 Jan 2006|11:08pm]
For Sale: TI-89 Graphing Calculator - $75 OBO

It's just the standard graphing calculator required by Calc and Pre-Calc classes. It's just the calculator and the plastic case; no book or cable (i took both Pre-Calc and Calc with this and neither the book or cable was needed once). These sell for way higher than this. There's no reason to spend way more at the bookstore. Also comes with batteries.

Contact: foster02@gmail.com
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Hey, Spanish I people! [15 Jan 2006|06:59pm]

Anyone who is taking Spanish I (or II or III, I believe), will need the Vista Complete Student Package by Blanco. The bookstore is selling it new for $170.70 and used for $128.

I was planning on minoring in Spanish, but due to time constraints, this cannot happen, so after taking Spanish I last fall, I now plan to unload my (second edition) copy. I still have everything included in the package (textbook, workbook, lab manual, workbook answer key, vocabulary CDs, textbook activities CDs, fotonovela CD-ROM, interactive CD-ROM, and pocket dictionary). All are in pristine condition. I never have written anything in the books, and when handing in lab manual homework, I would always photocopy the pages first.

I'm looking for maybe $100 for the whole thing, but we can talk it over.

At book buyback, I could have gotten $80-something for it, but I thought I'd do the better thing and sell it direcly to someone, rather than getting $80-odd from the school, and then having them sell it to a student for $128.

So how 'bout it? Enh? Enh?
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[07 Sep 2005|08:00pm]

Remember this post


Well, I currently have everything that is listed in my apartment so if people are still interested we can work out a time and a place to make an exchange.
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I am selling my couches and tables. The are beautiful and like new, but I can't take them with me where I am going. E-mail me at Cristm58@students.rowan.edu if interested or post back on here. Thank you. ~Mary~

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Dell Axim X3 [02 Aug 2005|10:25am]

Crossposted to rowanuniversity

For sale

Dell Axim X3 PDA
300MHz Intel XScale CPU
32MB RAM/32MB ROM (4MB user accessible)
Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket IE, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, etc)

Includes padded pleasther case with belt clip, AC adapter, and sync cable.

Gives a warning that the backup battery is low, so that may need changing (it's a simple watch battery).

Device has been well taken care of and has hardly been used in the last 2 years. Warranty is expired.

$100 or B/O
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Buy My Stuff!!!! [29 Jul 2005|11:30pm]

Okay, i have a varied group of items for sale.

TI-86 Graphing Calculator
I think I bought this three years ago to replace mine that was stolen, but I never really used it. Comes with Manual. Sorry no link cable

CDs ($3 or 2 for $5)
1. Escape from LA Soundtrack (Civ, Deftones,Tool, Butthole Surfers...)
2. End Of Days SoundTrack (Sonic Youth, Guns and Roses, Everlast)
3. Arrested Development: 3 Years, 5 months and 2 days in the life of....
4. Dwele: Subject
5. Mr Bungle: California
6. Lets Go Bowling: Freeway Lanes
7. Insane Clown Posse: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
8. Adema: Unstable
9. The Neptunes Present Clones
10.Ultimate dragons- Where no Man has rocked before
11. SPECIAL $1.00 sampler pack

Playstation 1 Games ($4 each or 3 for $10)
Extreme GO Kart Racing
Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn
Die Hard Trilogy 2
Tomorrow Never Dies
Danger Girl
NFL Blitz

Sega Genesis Games In cases ($2 or 3 for $5)
Joe Montana Football
Joe Montana Football II
LHX: Attack Chopper
NBA Live 97
Cliffhanger (No Manual)
Coach K: College Basketball
NBA Action 95
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf

Sega Genesis Games without cases ($1)
Combat Cars
Hardball 94

SNES Games without cases ($1)
Justice League
Shag Fu (Fight as Shaq!!)

NES 8 BIT GAMES $1 each
Tailspin (in box)
Little Mermaid (in box)
Total Recall
Solar Jetman

BOOKS Prices Vary
1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Graphic Novels Books II, III, and IV- $3 each or all three for $8
2. Guinness World Records Book 2000- $3
3. Encyclopedia of the Weird- $1
4. Forrest Gump- $1
5. Stupid White Men Michael Moore- $4
6. Movies a Cash Course- $2
7. The Demon in the Freezer-Richard Preston- $3
8. Generation of Swine-Hunter S Thompson- $2 claimed by superbassoonist
9. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II -$1
10. Writing papers in Psych 5th edition Great Resource $5
11. Principal Suspect(Used in Robinsons Forensic Law class)-$5
12. Invisible Punishment (used for Vigoritas Intro to Corrections class) -$5
13. Handbook for College Research-2nd edition (Used for College Comp 2)-$5
14. French study aid books-$10 for both

Columbia Wallet and X-Large belt set $5

Comment to buy, its first come first serve, almost all prices are negotiable.
I will bring all of this stuff to campus(Im moving in August 27th) and we can work out a time for you to pick up and pay for your stuff then

PS No, I dont take Rowan Debit!
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AWESOME Furniture For Sale [27 Jun 2005|09:03am]


I moving from Park Crest to Philly and have beautiful furniture that I bought new eight months ago. I can't bring it with me, so I am selling it. It is in excellent condition. I am selling two large couches that are like beds, when you sit on them the average person's feet don't touch the ground. The cushiony part is extra large and comfortable. I am also selling the black entertainment center, the desk, the stand up dining room table with 2 chairs, the end tables, the coffee table, and i'll throw in the lamps.

Just post a reply with your screen name, information, and any questions, and I will reply.

Thank you.
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Just Curious [23 Jun 2005|02:27pm]

Has anyone ever actually sold anything as a result of this community?

I have had a few people show interest in things, but never follow through with the actual purchase.
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DVD's For Sale!!! [21 Mar 2005|02:59pm]

I have some DVD's I am selling if anyone is interested before they end up on ebay...

Party of Five - The complete first season: $20

Benny and Joon (starring Johnny Depp) - $5

Dirty Dancing - The collectors edition - $5

Empire Records - $5

UHF (Starring "Weird Al" Yankovic) - $3

All DVD's are in excellent condition. If you decide to buy them they can either
A: Be Delivered to the Rowan Campus by me
B: Be shipped to you at your own cost
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[20 Feb 2005|05:08pm]

dell 17" white CRT monitor for sale, circa 1999
good condition, works
$25 OBO
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[19 Jan 2005|12:42pm]
check out www.RUbookx.com for good deals on rowan books and be sure to post yours too
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Buffy fans!? [18 Jan 2005|08:43pm]

If there are any fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer out there, I own and am currently trying to sell the first 3 seasons on DVD. All 3 sets are in excellent condition. (I only watched the whole set once) I would like to try to sell the 3 sets for $100 but I am willing to negotiate because they are of no use to me.

I also am trying to get rid of the DVD's -> Antitrust and Speed 2 if anyone is interested...$10 each

leave a comment if you are interested! :)
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[17 Dec 2004|04:41pm]
Nice to meet you. I have some things I would like to sell.clothes, hats,shoes,and Japanese fashion magazine and so on.
I accept paypal
Money order
I will ship to international also

comment me if you are interested in.or e-mail me
my e-mail:dorks_ringo@yahoo.com
Thank you

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everybody loves textbooks! [15 Dec 2004|07:00pm]


hey everybody, i'm selling a few books

first is Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in American History, Volume 1: The Colonial Period to Reconstruction (10th edition). I originally paid $60.80 for this and another book, so I will sell it for $15. I had Professor Stokes for U.S. History to 1865, and we used this book a few times. It's in perfect condition.

the next is a bundle of books I used for Dr. Clarke's Teaching: An Intro to the Profession class. we used one of the books extensively, so it has some highlighting in it, but otherwise perfect condition. The other books I never even opened, so they are perfect.  The bundle includes Teaching: An Introduction to the Profession, Developing a Teaching Portfolio, Pass the Praxis: The Principles of Learning and Teaching, Explanations and Implications of the 1997 Amendments to IDEA, and CourseCompass Student Access Kit, which is just an unopened CD. I originally paid $53.35 for this bundle, so I'm selling it for $25.

Also, is anybody interested in buying the CC1/iCC1 Student Portfolio Guide and Student Guide to the First-Year Writing Program?  These are used for the College Comp 1 classes.

Leave a comment!!

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Books for Sale [15 Dec 2004|03:04pm]

Hey all,

I'm going to post the teachers along with the books, so if you buy, please make sure the teacher is still using the book.

Viator - Brit Lit to Romanticism
The Norton Anthology of English Lit
Restoration and 18th Century Comedy
Canterbury Tales
Bookstore wants $60 all together. I'll sell it for $30.

Grace - Intro to Bible
Oxford Study Bible
Understanding the Bible
Bookstore wants about $65. I'll sell for $40.

Lee-Jones - Intro to African American Lit (African American studies)
Norton Anthology of African American Lit
Bookstore wants $50. I'll sell for $30.

Compagnucci - Contemporary (or Modern, I forget) Short Stories
Short Fiction - Classic and Contemporary
Bookstore says $45. I say $25.

Coloumbe - U.S. Lit till Realism
Norton Anthology of American Lit (Volume A & B)
Bookstore says about $50. I'll go for $30.

I'm going to set the deadline as being Monday the 20th. If there is anything left unsold, I'll sell them back to the bookstore and allow my financial dignity to be raped. Prices are probably negotiable, as I've never really done this before.

Payment should take the form of cash or sexual favors.

Just kidding!

Only cash.
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[14 Dec 2004|08:40pm]
I have the books for Ikpah

I dropped a pile of ramen noodles on the one book.... you know accidently on purpose to show how much I love that class, and they've got some useless highlighting in them too.

so I'd say, I'll sell them both for $15.... which is over 75% off the cover price since each volume is $33.75

let me know if you are interested.
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